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Silent Sufferer or Loud and Proud?

Silent sufferer or loud and proud?

I have an ongoing an unproven hypothesis based on what I’m seeing in the eating disorder world, and what I’ve experienced myself; that there are two ways you can have Orthorexia. As depicted in the title. For example, I was the latter. I was proud of my diet, my health, and my beliefs. I was […] Read more

The Difference Between Very Healthy and Very Orthorexic

very healthy or very orthorexic

  Whilst a number of writers, journalists and bloggers are getting it right (more usually if they’ve been there first hand) there are still a huge number of people not really delivering on what it means to be Orthorexic. That’s not that helpful for anyone. It’s really easy to take a couple of cases of let’s […] Read more

Men & Orthorexia

men and orthorexia

Traditionally women have always been at the heart of the eating disorder spotlight. But times are changing and it’s becoming more and more clear that men can be as affected as much women – yet often there appears to be a lack of support for men in comparison. What does it mean for Orthorexia? Are […] Read more

Food Shaming is a Problem but not THE Problem

Food Shaming is a Problem but not THE Problem thumbnail

We live in a society full of peer pressure, unrealistic media and role models, and other messages telling us about how we should live our lives and what standard we should strive for. It has been well discussed for example that the constant images of models put unrealistic expectations on young women and are fundamental […] Read more

Sometimes Less is More

Sometimes Less is More thumbnail

If you have ever found yourself anywhere on the spectrum of Orthorexia and health obsession no matter how big or small, I suspect you have probably caught yourself pondering the idea of adding something new to your dietary intake / routine one way or another. Maybe it was eating more beetroot or another trending ‘super-food’ of […] Read more

Memoirs of an Orthorexic: Cocktail of Health

Memoirs of an Orthorexic

[Sometime in 2009] Everyone is going out tonight. Whilst the fear of missing out, like any student, makes my attendance non-negotiable, alarm bells in my head are already ringing, and I’m planning the damage limitation. It goes without saying that I won’t be drinking the toxin load that the rest of my halls will be consuming […] Read more

My Turning Point to Recovery

My Turning Point to Recovery thumbnail

From time to time people ask me, ‘Well how did you fix it then?’. I claim to be ‘better now’ since first obtaining this puzzling new-age eating disorder they have never heard of. People who are more curious, or going through something similar themselves go deeper; How did I actually know I was turning things […] Read more

Beating Orthorexia – the Book

Beating Orthorexia is on Amazon!

It’s here! After what feels like an unnecessarily long time writing alongside the rest of my life, I have finally finished compiling and self-publishing Beating Orthorexia and the Memoirs of  a Health Freak. Find it our good friend Amazon. It’s certainly no war and peace. But it has some pretty powerful ideas and perspectives in […] Read more

Effortless Health

Effortless Health thumbnail

When you think about it, it’s not that surprising disorders like OCD and Orthorexia are on the rise. Our society by design subtly plants fears and pressures in us which help to nurture them. We are told health is important and we are never thinking about it enough according to the conventional script. It’s not […] Read more

Memoirs of an Orthorexic: Bananas

Memoirs of an Orthorexic: Bananas thumbnail

[Sometime in 2009] What do most athletes use to fuel themselves for peak performance in their sport of choice? Well, I hate to say it because unless they are eating nothing but a ton of bananas they are all wrong. In line with harnessing the power of raw food, I’ve been studying how to ensure I […] Read more


Perfectionism thumbnail

On the whole, I think we or society generally see perfectionism as a good thing. Why might this be? Well it only follows on from the concept of ‘perfect’ itself which at some point we came up with; re-enforcing and evolving the basic idea that things could have a state of right and wrong, should […] Read more

Memoirs of an Orthorexic: Pocket Coffee

Memoirs of an Orthorexic: Pocket Coffee thumbnail

[Sometime in 2010] Student nights. Some think they are defined by excessive drinking and ridiculous behavior. Some think that just because I’m a bit of a health freak I’m going to skip them. But just because I look after myself, I’m not going to miss out, or get labelled as boring – no way. They […] Read more

Is Orthorexia Actually Something New?

Is Orthorexia Actually Something New? thumbnail

All over the web and social media every day, people discover Orthorexia like a radical new find, not realizing that Stephen Bratman came up with the term in 1996. OK, so like anything it takes time to go main stream. I get that, and it’s finally getting there. But looking back it has been slow. […] Read more

Six of My Lowest Orthorexic Low Points

Six of My Lowest Orthorexic Low Points thumbnail

So the peak of my Orthorexia was in university. I was the smallest minority you can imagine – a healthy student. Many Orthorexics often manifest their disorder in very different ways, because ultimately it’s not about an exact way of eating (like vegan or raw foodism for example) that makes you Orthorexic, it’s your attitude […] Read more

Being Proud to Be a Freak

Being Proud to Be a Freak thumbnail

Superiority. That’s the only word for it. The feeling I had when I was Orthorexic. How couldn’t I? I had answers. I knew the way forward. All these frustrations people were facing around me. They never knew the answer was in front of them all along. You are made of what you put in your […] Read more

What Kind of Orthorexic Are (Were) You?

What Kind of Orthorexic Are (Were) You? thumbnail

Being Orthorexic expresses itself in different ways for different people depending on their story and circumstances. It is also wrongly associated with a number of ways of eating and various lifestyles. When you search the blogosphere and the internet in general the conversations between Orthorexia and ways of eating like veganism go hand in hand. […] Read more

Is Orthorexia Actually a Problem?

Is Orthorexia Actually a Problem? thumbnail

From what I can see there are two kinds of Orthorexics out there; 1) Those that are loud and proud. Sharing recipes, blogging about their happy healthier lifestyles, and eagerly lapping up the “health freak” label they get from people in their day to day lives. “Don’t worry about us, we have it under control!”. 2) […] Read more

What is Having Orthorexia Like?

What is Having Orthorexia Like? thumbnail

So for true memories of my Orthorexic days see my Memoirs posts – I hope they are insightful! But this is one of the first ever posts I did on the topic a long time ago, as an early blogger (when this was healthfreakrevolution.com!), just as I decided to start my writing. Enjoy! So Orthorexia […] Read more