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Is Orthorexia Actually a Problem?

IMG_2028-300x200From what I can see there are two kinds of Orthorexics out there;

1) Those that are loud and proud. Sharing recipes, blogging about their happy healthier lifestyles, and eagerly lapping up the “health freak” label they get from people in their day to day lives. “Don’t worry about us, we have it under control!”.

2) Then there are those that keep it hidden, sometimes even oblivious to themselves. They are changing their behavior and habits without a word spoken. Perhaps lurking on eat-clean recipe sites, or perhaps oblivious to this community of people who are adopting this uniquer set of eating behaviors and attitudes which they share.

The former believe it’s an asset,  and the latter either know it’s a problem or aren’t even aware it’s affecting them.

Which one you are depends on how far you have progressed down this path of purity, your personality type and the circumstances/pressures around you in your day to day.

I used to be the former.  Health freak and proud. It was what made me different,  unique and, dare I say it… superior.  I believed I loved it.

It made no sense to me that people could be so blind as to miss how important eating right was.  First when finding out Orthorexia was a thing,  I was disgusted and arrogant.

“Now media are saying eating healthy – is unhealthy?! Ha! “

“Yeah I’m addicted to health… is that a problem? it’s the healthiest addiction you can have! “

But I’ve been all the way down the rabbit hole and for a long time now I’ve realized being Orthorexic and being very healthy are not the same. I’m still super healthy but no where near Orthorexic.

Is it a problem?

Well the answer is different for everyone.  It can only be a problem if you think this attitude towards food has any negative effects on your life.

For a long time it wasn’t for me. But like me you might have woken up one day, with your usual thriving values about health, but another voice saying “is this how it is? forever?”. Bigger questions might start popping up too, beyond the day-in,  day-out micro-management;

How much money do I spend on these foods?

How much time am I really spending preparing them?

What were my friends really doing last night?

Do I have other ambitions and passions?

What else could I have achieved by now?

How can I be sure this is perfection?

What if I’m wrong?

Yes I think it can be a problem.

But millions don’t accept this or haven’t even awoken to it. Ultimately if you are completely honest with yourself, and you believe you are truly content with your lifestyle then there is no need to change. Don’t even try. Keep on having fun with your new spiralizer. You have to want to change.

But from experience, the reason you spend so many hours researching and experimenting with minor changes to every aspect of your food intake suggests you are not 100% content, and you never will be until you dare to re-evaluate your current mentality.

Do you dare?

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