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Effortless Health

EffortlessWhen you think about it, it’s not that surprising disorders like OCD and Orthorexia are on the rise. Our society by design subtly plants fears and pressures in us which help to nurture them. We are told health is important and we are never thinking about it enough according to the conventional script.

It’s not easy either. Don’t eat this, or this, but this is OK – wait no it’s not. Calories matter, no they don’t. Fat is bad, now it’s good. What do you mean you aren’t doing at least 3 sessions of exercise every week?

A huge part of the paradigm we all share is; to be healthy we have to work for it. It’s a never ending quest.

I hate to break it to you, but the fundamental premise which society portrays health in this sense is fundamentally flawed.

It doesn’t help there are ‘recommended guidelines’ – like there is a right and wrong, rather than let our own basic common sense guide us. It doesn’t help there are models and celebrities with diets and ‘strategies’ – that if we follow and make sacrifices to will allow us to reach ‘optimal’ health.

Did anyone ever stop to think that being ‘healthy’ could be easy?

As awesome as science is, do we really always need to apply it to every aspect of our lives and measure every possible variable?

Look at the animal kingdom. With the exception of animals on factory farms, or domesticated ones eating man-made products, animals are pretty free of diseases like obesity and diabetes. They don’t care about their calorie intake. They instinctively know what food is right. No restricting themselves or pausing to think if something is a good or bad choice.

But for us it’s a never ending spiral of trying to get it right. We constantly focus on the detail day in day out. I would like to propose for example that losing a night sleep over eating ice cream, is way more unhealthy than just eating ice cream.

People often forget that our mental health is just as important as our physical health.

I truly believe that if we choose to ignore the onslaught of different information thrown at us, and pressure to do things a certain way, and think about health in very simple, with holistic principles and enjoy the process rather than fighting it, health can be…


What are these principles? Well if you are asking, you can actually find all my thoughts on them in my book. 🙂 All I’m saying here is that we will always have to make choices, but with the right principles, we can take the work out of it. You can simply wake up every day knowing your body and mind is simply growing healthy.

Then you can get on with living the rest of your life.


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