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Memoirs of an Orthorexic: Bananas

memoirs[Sometime in 2009] What do most athletes use to fuel themselves for peak performance in their sport of choice? Well, I hate to say it because unless they are eating nothing but a ton of bananas they are all wrong.

In line with harnessing the power of raw food, I’ve been studying how to ensure I have the right balance of different types of glucose available to by muscles at any one time. I found a site online as well, there are other people that do this – 30 bananas a day it’s called – so it’s totally legit.

There’s a story of an athlete who went raw and ate only bananas when competing so I know it works. Potassium poisoning? Don’t even go there, you don’t really buy into that, do you?

It’s just a tad impractical carrying 2 carrier bags of bananas from the market onto the coach at 5am which is taking us up to our competition. I won’t need all of them, but better be safe. Of course, it’s not just bananas, I have some raisins too. Just in case I need a different type of sugar you know.

Leading up to my match I’m getting jittery. I feel OK, but do I have enough energy for the match? I don’t want to crash in the middle of it! But then again if I eat too much now I’ll weigh myself down, I can’t do it still digesting. Luckily raw food digests super efficiently.

It makes me laugh to see all these competitors strolling around with energy drinks. Using caffeine and taurine to try and perk up their sluggish excuses for bodies. Don’t they know it’s the worst way to fuel yourself? There’s no point peaking at the expense of your health. Sustainable fitness performance is the only strategy I’ll consider.

However, it hasn’t really occurred to me just how efficiently my body has digested this increased amount of fiber (even more than normal today). After getting through my match with disappointing amounts of success (clearly a bad call by the ref), I feel a twinge lower down.

Next things I know I’m adrenaline dumping from the match, and actually dumping from a lot of bananas. Men’s toilets are full … disabled toilet it is then. I think after 30 minutes people are wondering where I’ve gone.

Didn’t see that one coming, no one from the raw food forum mentioned it anyway.

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