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Beating Orthorexia – the Book

It’s here!12342913_10153444089654753_712741997_o

After what feels like an unnecessarily long time writing alongside the rest of my life, I have finally finished compiling and self-publishing Beating Orthorexia and the Memoirs of  a Health Freak.

Find it our good friend Amazon.

It’s certainly no war and peace. But it has some pretty powerful ideas and perspectives in there which I genuinely believe can change a significant number of lives. I believe I have bought together several years of thinking and experience which helped me escape Orthorexia and can help you too.

It also contains a short ‘memoirs’ of my Orthorexic life not published on this blog, both for your entertainment and comfort – that I’ve been there too.

I’m not planning on writing many more, I’m just more happy that I’ve been able to share my message with the world. I only have to help change one person’s life for the better for this to be worth it.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, comments or reviews to share.